Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is written in a concise, simple manner so as to be completely transparent and forthright and thus easy to understand. collects all information on purchases, website registrations, and support of Accessible Theme and other related products. We also collect data from Clicky analytics tracking.

Information we collect on purchases includes personal information such as name, email address, and website so we can send notifications of updates, upgrades, approved plugins, new products, new content as well as provide support for customers such as installations, modifications, and replies to inquiries.

Essentially, we collect information to market to everyone who visits and purchases or might purchase Accessible Theme and other products we create. We also collect information to provide customer support. and process payments for We have access to the information each payment processor provides us. also collects visitor data using Clicky analytics ( Clicky analytics provides us information such as visits, IP address, geographic location, organization, browser, device, operating system, time spent on website, and other related analytics information.

We also use tracking cookies such as Facebook Pixel and others to gather data and advertise and re-market to visitors and purchasers of Accessible Theme.