Can I see a demo?

You’re looking at it. We used Accessible Theme to create AccessibleTheme.com. Our homepage has a primary banner splash and information pages such as this have a clean, simple, straightforward look.

I also use Accessible Theme on my personal website, KrisRivenburgh.com.

Besides the homepage, here’s what a post page looks like.

How much does Accessible Theme cost?


Is this a one-time price?


If you would like to get updates, upgrades, and support after the first year (you get free updates and upgrades for one year), the subscription is $49 annually.

When will my theme be delivered?

Within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

Haven’t received anything yet? Email kris@accessibletheme.com.

Will Accessible Theme reduce my risk of a lawsuit?

Yes, greatly.

Accessible Theme conforms to WCAG 2.0 AA and produces no WAVE or AXE checker errors.

What accessibility laws does Accessible Theme address?

Every law that incorporates, references, or implicates WCAG 2.0 AA.

Can you guarantee I won’t get a demand letter or lawsuit?


We have no control over whether a plaintiff’s lawyer decides to target your website.

Has Accessible Theme addressed all WCAG 2.0 AA success criteria?


We dedicated ourselves to accounting for and implementing every single success criteria in WCAG 2.0 AA (A is included in AA).

We comment on each success criterion in our Accessibility Statement.

Is it possible for me to make Accessible Theme inaccessible?


By doing things like using third party integrations (e.g. plugins, widgets, code, etc.), uploading images of text, using insufficient descriptive headings, links, and alt text, you can make your website fail WCAG 2.0 AA even with Accessible Theme.

Is Accessible Theme a toolbar?


Toolbars/overlays do NOT make your website accessible.

Accessible Theme is a WordPress theme with its own set of code adapted from Bootstrap 4 framework. Accessible Theme actually addresses your code’s website accessibility rather than partly patch over your existing website.

Can you help me install Accessible Theme?

Yes, we can install Accessible Theme for you. The cost of installation is $99.

Note that this price is ONLY for successful installation and activation of Accessible Theme and does NOT include adjusting your settings and content.

Can you provide customization to Accessible Theme or WordPress?


See our custom work page.

Will Accessible Theme make my existing content accessible?


You’ll have to account for all content, plugins, code, etc. that already exists on your website. Accessible Theme does not retroactively make your content accessible.

Does Accessible Theme allow for carousels or slideshows?


Carousels are among accessibility worst practices. They can technically be made accessible per WCAG but they create a horrible user experience for people using screen readers and we include carousels as worst practices for accessibility.

How come my website is showing WAVE errors?

First, make sure you are logged out of WordPress when checking for errors.

Second, check for pre-existing plugins. Third party plugins can create conflicts with Accessible Theme or create issues by themselves.

Third, check your pre-existing content. Your content can cause WAVE flags.

If you are using Accessible Theme as a fresh install, there should be no errors.

Will creating a separate website make me ADA Compliant?


Creating a separate or alternative website and then linking to it from your existing website won’t satisfy ADA requirements since an alternate website wouldn’t amount to full and equal use.

Can I install Accessible Theme on multiple websites?


However, you can not resell or monetize Accessible Theme with an individual license.

Can I make a suggestion?


We are not done improving Accessible Theme. We have multiple updates planned for 2020 and we definitely will take all feedback under advisement when rolling out updates and upgrades.

You can leave feedback on our support page.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, email Kris directly at kris@accessibletheme.com to ask about the affiliate program.

We pay 20% commission.